Ash: isnt that.... 

Serena: Ash Whats Wrong

Ash: No Way Its Iris! 

Serena: Iris?

Iris: Well if it isnt Ash How Are you doing 

Ash: Im Awesome Hows it Going With You

Iris : Im Great 

Clemont: Wait Ash Dont tell Your Friends With This Girl

Ash: Yeah you see Iris was my Unova Traveling Companion

Iris: Yeah Hes Right 

Serena: Hi im Serena Nice to Meet You 

Bonnie: And Im Bonnie its nice to meet you

Clemont: and im Clemont Hi

Iris: Hey Guys Are You All Ash's Kalos Companions

Serena: Yeah we Are

Iris: Thats Great

Bonnie: Hey Iris! Will You Marry Clemont And Become His Wife!

Clemont: Bonnie Knock it Off! pulls bonnie with aipom Arm Sorry About My sister

Iris: Lol sweats

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