Hi guys....all I wanted to say was that I don't know how I feel anymore....I mean the party was great!.....I mean I love how the families are all connected to each other.....They were all having a good time, laughing, with their children....but...I guess deep down inside...I wish my dad was there with us. I understand that he is working hard and everything but i hardly get to see him.... To be honest I wasn't even looking forward to this party! I mean this was suppose to be a party where families get closer to each other but I felt like I was the only person at the party without a father there! I honestly felt like tearing up in the party....I was begging to my mom to leave....I just couldn't take it no more! It hurts me even more when my mom told me that my dad wasn't living with us no more! Idk how I felt about that....The hardest job of this right now is being a older sister. I must stay calm through these times so they won't know whats going on. I mean my brother is about the same age as me and my sister is only 5 years old! Idk what to do at these times. Luckily they don't know that my dad doesn't live with us....I feel like tearing up especially when we go to parties. I just don't now anymore....

Updated: Actually feeling a little better.....not all the way though...Right now I'm with my cousin....and she is helping me feel better....U guys are all kind to me....and makes me feel happy to see that u all care for me...I'm ever so grateful to have friends like....I'm also proud to have a cousin who is there for me......

Update #2: He is back~! ^^ I'm so happy~! I can't even describe my happiness~! ^^ Eee~! You guys we right~! Things are gonna get better~! And they did~! ^^ No more sadness~! Yay~!

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